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Going against the grain, and telling new stories in new ways, we started our journey in different parts of the world but with one common passion- Movies. We are the kind of people who sneaked out of hostels to watch a first day first show,  who barely passed algebra class because we were too busy staying up and watching re-runs of our favourite movie, and as adults, we are still juggling between jobs to get our movies funded.

We believe in challenging the existing status quo and delivering movies which stay with the audience long after the first viewing.

In the words of the Joker, " our operation is small, but there's a lot of potential for "aggressive" expansion."




A man fights the Mumbai traffic to

reach his destination- a commode !



A father and a daughter bond over

something sinister and the only

witness is an out of luck beggar.

A man fights the Mumbai traffic to

reach his destination- a commode !


A man desperate for fame plots the murder

of his wife in hopes of being interviewed on




Dilemma short movie
Dilemma - End Credits
Dilemma - Tabla mix
Whispers - End Credits
Monster short film
Monster - Like Father, like daughter




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"Monster develops as a slow boiler. It is challenging to elicit conclusions within the immediate stanza. As the film progresses we are witness to an uncanny relationship between a father and his daughter. The pair is vicious, or are they. As a spectator, I couldn’t help but reflect on the underlying theme to this film. Love serves as the catalyst to doing evil actions."


Ken Artuz, Decay Mag

"Starting off as more of a Tony or Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer esque look at the attacker, Stronger (as suggested by its title) soon shifts into a rather inspiring story of inner strength in the face of peril."





Jack Bottomley, UK Film Review

"As Shrivastav starts acting on his fantasies and twisted desires, you see how the women in his life have to pay a price. When Richa Meena decides to stay separate from her parents to discover what she is made of, little does she realize that a random stranger in Shrivastav will show it to her in the most shocking and unexpected manner."



Nimisha Menon, Indie Shorts Mag

"Fear-stricken eyes, panicked screams and claws of desperation. Over the next twenty minutes, Strongertakes us back through some of the events leading up to this struggle, giving insight into the lives of both attacker and victim to reveal what true inner-strength is."


                                              James Prestridge, Closeup Culture

" If Rahul Nath manages to get such a film off the ground, it could be a huge shot in the arm for the Indian film market on a global scale, which I’m sure you will agree, is a fine thing indeed."



                                                                     Carl Burgess, Screen Critix

"He is a deviant who cannot control his urges and is a danger to every woman he comes into contact with. Yet we also notice throughout the film that he suffers from a mental illness; a flashback here, a hallucination there, and that add to the audience’s dilemma. Is he a villain? Is he a victim? Is he one or is he both?"



Jolly Moel, Screen Critix

"Monster is a short that comes from a quality filmmaker who is happy to build his story carefully, thoughtfully and leave the audience thinking and questioning all the way. "




                                                             Jack Bottomley, UK Film Review

" Richa Meena and Arjun Shrivastav are fantastic and the writing-directing team Rahul Nath, and Kshitij Salve manage to show so much in a film that’s only twenty minutes. I wish we had a feature film version of “Stronger” ."


                                                              Felix Vasquez, Cinema-Crazed




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